Residential Real Estate

At Wolcott Rivers Gates, our residential real estate lawyers understand each home (and homeowner) is unique. We do not subscribe to the idea that the purchase and sale of residential real estate is the same as the transfer of any commodity. A home often represents the most valuable asset a client will ever purchase, own or sell. Preserving and realizing that value requires experienced residential real estate counsel.

Our residential real estate lawyers represent purchasers and sellers in all phases of the transfer and financing process:

  • Negotiation and drafting purchase contracts

  • Listing agreements and buyer broker agreements

  • Survey and title investigations

  • Property inspections and appraisal reports

  • Execution of loan documents

  • Closing and transfer of funds

We also represents common interest communities. That means we help to enforce and defend their rights and obligations under condominium and property owner’s association documents. For more information, visit our Community Associations page.

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